Photographer Tessa Posthuma de Boer (1968) enjoys a career that spanned more than two decades, from 1988 till now. From the very beginning she has been a powerful and committed photographer who creates beautiful intense natural portraits. Her style is characterized by 'painting a picture through a lens'.

Her work contains the most beautiful narrative backgrounds whee the main characters are feeling completely at ease. Sometimes the pictures are introvert but always with great emotional depth. They are a small freeze in time with great meaning.

Tessa has continued to explore her intense photographic style in broad-less varieties of expressions, like magazines, books, and exhibitions. All kinds of subjects and people were 'painted' through her lens: the very well-known (portraits of actors, football players, writers, politicians, etc.) but also the less known (like her series of workers in factories, and the visitors of pop festivals).

About her non-commissioned work:

According to Tessa Posthuma de Boer life contains unmistakably a mixture of desire, distress and human imperfection. She has developed an intimate narrative style to capture this lifelong theme.

Her work is a poetic unity and is poised in the borderline between portraiture, performance photography and art. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that she often chooses herself as the protagonist. Through self-portraits she focusses on the stories that 'they' tell in their posture, facial expression and body language.

Although she aims the camera to herself, it could have been everybody. Tessa is a chameleon of affections. Therefore her work is obviously staged but it's never getting theatrical. The massive tension in her look express an entire life in one moment. She does not portray tragedy, but her images definitely have a melancholic depth and leave enough room for interpretation. Her images portray moments that never end, with tense melancholy yet sometimes quite humourous at the same time. Where the real and the unreal are combined.